Our beauty salon offers waxing, eyebrow sculpting, facials, photo rejuvenation, cosmetic peels, laser hair removal, IPL, massage, lash lifts, manicures, pedicures and more.


Meet Tahlia, Mi Studio’s founder and highly experienced senior beauty therapist. She will provide you with a thorough consultation to customise a treatment and home care regime.

“Allow me to serve you with the skills and knowledge of over 10 years as a beauty and remedial massage therapist.”



Have you over-plucked? Feel your eyebrows are out of shape? Eyebrow sculpting can completely change and rejuvenate your whole look. We are expert in shaping beautiful, natural brows that enhance your features and youthful appearance. 



Bright eyes and thick curly lashes can be yours! This new beauty treatment is a holiday must. It does wonders for people with small or straight lashes, giving them curl and bounce with a gentle perm. Give your eyes a natural, brightening sparkle with a long-lasting lash lift, a  treatment that  lasts up to eight weeks.



Brow tinting is great for enhancing your brows, giving them great definition. It can also correcting patchy, sparse or uneven brows. Lash tinting makes the lashes appear longer and thicker without needing mascara. Our lash tinting is gentle with little or no discomfort.


Looking into laser hair removal? Silky smooth skin, without the hassle of stubble and ingrown hairs. Call Tahlia at Mii Studio Beauty Solutions on 0431 070 799 for a free consultation. Mii Studio Beauty Solutions at Miami has the latest equipment to deliver this revolutionary new method for hair removal that is virtually pain- and side-effect free.


Radiant healthy skin can be yours. Our hydrating facials are customised for every skin type and every skin need. Perfect down time session with wonderful benefits to your skin. Call  0431 070 799 to book your free skin diagnosis consultation.



Refresh your complexion with a microdermabrasion treatment. It can treat sun-damaged skin, unevenly textured skin, fine lines, aging spots, and stretch marks. This is a great treatment for first timers and for people on the go., as it works on the outer layers of the skin creating a silk-like finish with no downtime required. If you get that feeling your moisturiser isn't working or your constantly re-applying you are probably overdue for a professional exfoliation.


Mi Studio Beauty Solutions specialises in corrective facial treatments. We love making a difference to the way people feel about themselves. There are many different types of peels and finding the right one for your skin needs is possible. These can range from mild to very strong depending on your concern and the depth of the problematic area to which is treated. This treatment is widely used in conjunction with other treatments such as facials and microdermabrasion to help calm and hydrate the skin.


Skin needling, also known as the Vampire Facial offers long lasting skin rejuvenation benefits, as it revives and rejuvenates the natural production of new collagen and elastin. This collagen induction therapy treatment is the latest in skin technology. It uses hyaluronic acid and surgical grade micro needles creating channels in the skin to aid new collagen production.


LED Light Therapy is a non-invasive treatment through emitting low light wave lengths, naturally jump starting the skin. There are 4 different colours red, blue, yellow and green. The Red light (wave length 640mm) works like a laser, targeting cells beneath the skin's surface. The Blue light (wave length 423mm) attacks pp-9 producing singlet oxygen controlling troubled skin. The Yellow light (wave length 583mm) is effective involving redness and is ideal for sensitive skin. The Green light (wave length 532mm) affects the melanocytes (the cells that produce melanin, which is pigmentation in the bottom layers of the skin). Creating an even skin tone.


Expect a quick, hygienic and professional waxing service. We will make you feel comfortable, even during the most intimate of treatments. Don’t trust your delicate skin to anyone else! Call  0431 070 799 to book your waxing appointment. 


Beauty comes from within, so while you are looking after your skin and body massage can help to calm your mind and restore your well-being. Mi Studio founder Tahlia is a qualified remedial massage therapist with over ten years of experience. Call  0431 070 799 to book your massage today.




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