• Tahlia Dickson

Why We Love Lash Lifts

Lash lifts mean that bright eyes and thick curly lashes can be yours! Give your eyes a natural, brightening sparkle with a long-lasting lash lift, a treatment that lasts up to eight weeks.

Does mascara irritate your eyes? Or have you found that eyelash extensions leave you with thin, brittle eyelashes? A lash lift can give you the best of both worlds: You get the semi-permanent lift and curl of extensions while keeping your natural lashes damage-free. Call Tahlia on 0431 070 799 to book your lash lift and tint today.

Lash lifts are like a perm for your lashes

This new beauty treatment is a must. It does wonders for people with small or straight lashes, giving them curl and bounce with a gentle perm. Just like an eighties perm, like old- lash lifts set the shape of your natural lashes using a chemical solution. You can expect similar results to what you would get with a top quality mechanical eyelash curler – without the hassle!

What happens when you get a lash lift at Mii Studio Beauty Solutions?

1. First of all, lash artist and salon founder Tahlia will sit down with you and find out what you want to achieve and your lash style preferences.

2. Based on your answers, Tahlia pick a curl size for your eye shape.

3. She glues your lashes down to a silicone shield using a gentle adhesive.

4. Tahlia applies this adhesive on top of the shield as well, then lashes are combed up to take their shape.

5. Eye-safe perming solution is applied to your lashes.

6. The perming lotion is left on for six to 12 minutes, then Tahlia rinses your eyes.

7. Tahlia then applies your lash tint and leaves it on for 10 minutes, rinsing again gently.

8. Voila! Thick, curly lashes are yours.

How long does a lash lift last for?

Great news! Six to eight weeks of gorgeous lashes will be yours.

How much does a lash lift cost?

Very affordable compared to eyelash extensions! At Mii Studio Beauty Solutions, a lash lift with free lash tint will cost you just $80.

Call Tahlia on 0431 070 799 to book your lash lift and tint today.

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