• Tahlia Dickson

What is better: Laser Hair Removal, IPL or Super Hair Removal?

Have you been looking into laser hair removal? We all want silky smooth skin, without the hassle of stubble and ingrown hairs.

It’s time that you investigate Super Hair Removal (SHR) Laser. This is the latest technology in IPL hair removal which combines both Laser and IPL.

Mii Studio Beauty Solutions at Burleigh Heads has the latest equipment to deliver this revolutionary new method for hair removal that is virtually pain- and side-effect free. In comparison to other slightly dated laser and IPL methods, Super Hair Removal provides faster, safer and pain-free hair reduction treatments.

Most conventional IPL laser hair removal technologies use and need massive amounts of heat to destroy hair follicles and ensure permanent reduction. On the other hand, SHR IPL Laser fires multiple shots but at lower joules. This new method gently heats the hair follicles producing a warm tingling sensation—some clients compare it to a warm massage. In-motion technology is used by moving the hand piece over the treated skin. This contributes to the overall comfort felt by people during their laser hair removal session.

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What is SHR Technology? How does it work?

The unique laser hair removal technology and techniques used in SHR IPL makes all hair and skin types suitable for this treatment. SHR IPL is an attractive hair removal solution for those who don't want to shy away from the sun, meaning hair reduction treatments can be had all year round. By using low heat, SHR IPL decreases the amount of heat absorbed by the skin so treatment can be done on tanned skin. SHR IPL technology is ideal for lighter and white hair.

How long does SHR laser hair removal treatment take?

Senior therapist Tahlia at Mii Studio Beauty Solutions will provide you with a thorough consultation. She will assess and work with you to achieve your hair reduction goals.

  1. Treatments will initially be 4 weeks apart for the first 6-10 treatments. This regime is important to maintain so that the SHR treatments get the hair at its 4 week (anagen) regrowth.

  2. After this, sessions can be spread out to 8-10 weeks to finish the course.

  3. Usually you will require 1 or 2 sessions a year after this as maintenance.

Call Tahlia at Mii Studio Beauty Solutions on 0431 070 799 for a free consultation.

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